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Alaa Alhussan

Digital Managing Producer
Alexandria, VA US
Open To Mentoring
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Ala is a Palestinian Jordanian documentary producer/filmmaker and a digital content strategist based in DC.


Hailing from Saudi Arabia, Alaa Alhussan is a Palestinian Jordanian anthropologist and filmmaker. With a rich portfolio of over 30 documentaries produced for Al Jazeera English's digital segment, Close Up, she has now embarked on a new chapter as a digital managing producer at the Middle East Broadcasting Network. In this role, she takes the lead in shaping digital storytelling strategies and curating compelling content. Alaa's creative focus centers around the intricate interplay between memory and place. Her cinematic works delve deeply into themes of identity, feminism, gender, faith, and politics within the Middle Eastern context. An innate passion for storytelling and a relentless pursuit of effective communication through diverse media have been the driving forces behind her journey. In 2017, Alaa earned her master's degree in Ethnographic and Documentary Film from UCL's prestigious Graduate School of Anthropology. Complementing her film studies, she also holds a B.Sc from PSUT in Computer Graphics and Animation, showcasing her versatile skills across different disciplines. A notable accomplishment of Alaa's is her role as the co-creator of the series "Oddity Tales from a Strange Land." This project, which has garnered support from the DFI 2020 Development fund and Qumra 2021, reflects her dedication to innovative storytelling. Further displaying her prowess, she recently co-wrote and edited a socially impactful web series titled "Tababa," which has gained widespread attention on various social media platforms and is now being broadcasted on Amman TV. Alaa is at the forefront of exploring digital innovation and shaping the future of storytelling. She ardently seeks novel ways to foster awareness and empathy in the modern world, underscoring her commitment to driving positive change through her creative endeavors.

Featured Work

Italy's Fetus Graveyard

Rightful abortion leading women in Rome to be buried alive. Unauthorized burials of aborted fetuses in Italy shed light on the stigma women face, as well as barriers to reproductive rights. Filmmaker: Flavia Cappellini Film Editor: Alaa Alhussan & Flavia Cappellini Executive Producer: Alaa Alhussan

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Chasing Bollywood Dreams

Like thousands of aspiring actors, Satya moved her life and lost her relationship with her parents while chasing her dream of becoming a Bollywood superstar. This is the story of her struggle in search of stardom and her journey to prove to her family that, one day, she will make it on Mumbai's posters. Filmmaker: Gautam Singh Producer/EP: Alaa Alhussan

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US Mothers Fighting Against Gun Violence

As firearm-related murders skyrocket in the US, a group of mothers who’ve lost children to homicide, support each other and stand up to rising gun violence in their city of Columbus, Ohio Filmmakers: Christiana Botic & Lauren Santucci Producer & Editor: Alaa Alhussan

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Colombia's Indigenous Land Defenders

Unafraid of bullets and grenades - these Indigenous land defenders fight for their rights in Colombia. Filmmakers: Jesper Klemedsson and Sebastian Pena Rojas Producer & Editor: Alaa Alhussan

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