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Rooj Alwazir

Vienna, VA US
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Rooj Alwazir is a creative producer with over a decade of experience in both documentary and commercial film production. Like a LEGO Technic Connector, she excels at piecing together intricate details to ensure every story is told with excellence.


Rooj Alwazir is a Yemeni-American filmmaker and creative producer based in Washington D.C. Combing her love for people and social justice, Rooj uses storytelling as a way to merge worlds together, and drives content from conception through completion. She develops stories, runs productions, and delivers films and projects that achieve impact and success. Rooj co-founded SupportYemen, a Yemeni based independent film production collective that uses video to was aiemd at telling under-told and under-heard stories in Yemen and has earned her Masters degree in documentary film from the School of Visual Arts. Alongside her filmmaking, Rooj would sometimes write and you can find some of her articles in The National, Rolling Stone and Al Jazeera.