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Maria Gabriela Torres

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Ridgewood, NY US
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Venezuelan documentary editor and filmmaker based in New York City. My background in journalism and TV production have made me an interdisciplinary storyteller who is always eager to turn non-fiction stories worth telling into films worth watching.


Maria Gabriela is a Venezuelan documentary editor and filmmaker with a background in journalism and TV production. After graduating journalism school in Colombia and working as a content producer for a 2-hour live news magazine at RCN Television (a free-to-air radio and tv network), she moved to the US pursue her passion for documentary films. She obtained a graduate certificate in Documentary Studies from The New School and after attending The Edit Center to hone in her editing skills, she began working as Assistant Editor for Emmy-awarded films like True Justice: Bryan Stevenson's Fight for Equality (2019) and The Rescue (2021). Endless Calls for Fame (2024), the story of a rock band that was born at the end of the grunge era and failed at their attempts to ride the post brit-pop wave, was her first film as a solo editor.