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Marina Decristoforo

Director/AD/Logistics Manager
New York, NY AT
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I am a versatile filmmaker with a background in anthropology and writing and a passion for thorough research and experimental visuals.


Marina Decristoforo is an anthropologist, filmmaker, writer, and reluctant singer, who splits her time between New York, Tbilisi, and Tyrol. Marina holds a PhD in Anthropology, with regional focus in Georgia (the country), where she did several years of dedicated fieldwork. Her dissertation, and subsequent academic pursuits explore how power, preservation, and death — both semiotic and literal — coincide, intersect, and diverge in the Georgian folk singing communities. Her directorial debut, Life in Three Voices (2020), is an award-winning documentary that follows a group of young Georgian singers on a journey throughout the US and their native Georgia. She has worked in various capacities on projects for the Discovery Channel, and the BBC, as well as a number of independent film productions, and has directed several short fiction and documentary films and music videos. With her partner she is the co-founder and co-director of Pillusion Film Festival, an international film festival that takes place in a repurposed barn in a small Alpine village in Tyrol, Austria. She occasionally performs Georgian and Lithuanian songs with various folk choirs and family members.