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Mabel Valdiviezo

Director/Producer/Editor, Haiku Films
San Francisco Bay Area, CA US
Available for Freelance
Open To Mentoring
Open To Virtual Coffee
Mabel Valdiviezo is a director/producer and editor focused on non-fiction film editing with artful storytelling and unique perspectives that shift hearts and minds and ignite viewers to engage in the vision of a more just and compassionate world.


Mabel Valdiviezo is an award-winning indigenous Latinx filmmaker, film editor, multidisciplinary artist, and alumna of the Sundance Producers Conference. Utilizing a poetic vocabulary, her work explores transnational migration, gender equality, mental health, and spirituality. Mabel is a 2022 Gotham Documentary Lab fellow and her work has been supported by BGDM, NALIP, and the San Francisco Arts Commission. Based in San Francisco and working remotely everywhere, Mabel has experience editing long-form documentaries, narrative shorts, branded videos, and mini-documentaries for both non-profit and corporate clients. Her work has ranged from vérité and character-driven pieces to topic-based docs and personal films. Her feature film credits include Women With Altitude,” and “River Webs.” She is currently wrapping up the editing of the feature documentary "Following Pal." Her work has been screened all over the world including PBS, LALIFF, MTV.