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David Hepburn

Cinematographer/Photographer, Hepburn Creative, Inc.
Vista, CA US
Open To Mentoring
Open To Virtual Coffee
I'm a cinematographer/photographer and the Chief Creative Officer at Hepburn Creative, Inc. We exist to empower companies and nonprofits with videos that move you to action. I'm passionate about the vulnerable and people pushed to the margins.


With a last name like Hepburn, it would seem like destiny to be a part of the film and video industry. While the jury’s still out on any actual relation to Kathryn or Audrey, David will tell you he discovered the joy of video production in high school. Even back then, it was his dream to someday start a video business and partner with businesses and non profits around the world. In 2008, David co-founded Hepburn Creative, Inc. with his wife Holly (also a cinematographer/photographer) in San Diego, California. Yeah, you heard that right. A married couple that works together full time. Aren’t they always at each others’ throats?! Believe it when they tell you, they love every moment of it. They're one of those weird couples that actually gets along. Today, Hepburn Creative, Inc. is a woman-owned video production & photography company based in San Diego, but the clients they serve are global. Their passion for storytelling has taken them across borders, to businesses and nonprofits in the farthest corners of the globe. From capturing the vibrant colors of a bustling marketplace in Thailand to documenting the heartwarming success stories of a nonprofit in Haiti, their journey has spanned across Burundi, Canada, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Ghana, Guatemala, Lesotho, Mexico, Nicaragua, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, the United States, and more. They don’t just specialize in navigating the unique travel requirements of global video production – they thrive on it. No matter how remote or challenging the location, they're committed to bringing each story to life with authenticity, respect, and creativity.

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