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Hansen Bursic

Director and Journalist, International Documentary Association
Los Angeles, California United States


A queer, Appalachian-born, LA-transplant, Hansen Bursic has been working as an independent documentary filmmaker, journalist and communications consultant for the past several years. Building on the legacy of queer and trans creators before him, he has dedicated his work to not only elevating LGBTQ+ narratives but bringing radical equity to the filmmaking process. Bursic's directorial debut, a short documentary titled 'The Toothmans,' told the story of a trans high school student in rural Pennsylvania and screened across the country at festivals like Frameline and art house venues like Vox Populi. He also served as the Lead Media Coordinator for the Pennsylvania Values Campaign, creating several videos to get LGBTQ inclusive non-discrimination in the states constitution. Bursic is currently the Digital Communications Coordinator at the International Documentary Association (IDA) and serves on the Editorial Board of CinéSPEAK, a digital film publication and independent cinema.