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Eliza Mitnick

Documentary Filmmaker
New York, NY US
Available for Full Time
Available for Freelance
Open To Mentoring
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I am a documentary filmmaker born and raised in NYC. With an eye for finding unique stories about healing and resilience that may otherwise be overlooked, I am dedicated to creating films that both inspire and question what we assume to be true.


Eliza is a director, producer, editor and writer of documentary films. Based out of NYC, her journey as a professional filmmaker began in 2018 when she started as a freelance documentary editor. She's always been interested in elevating the stories and experiences of those facing systemic issues, and she's been gratified to work on films about civil rights, immigration, corruption in congress, and environmental racism. Importantly, her projects seek to convey the dignity and complexity of the character’s lives who are affected. She recently received her Masters from NYU’s Journalism School in News and Documentary.