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Danny Vagnoni

Writer and Producer, Atwood Magazine
Philadelphia, PA US
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Writer | Producer | Music Journalist at Atwood Magazine | Digital Content Creator | Podcast Producer and Host | Videographer


With over six years of industry experience, Danny is a versatile and passionate media producer and journalist who loves creating engaging stories across different mediums and platforms. Danny has worked as Director of Media and Digital Content with PDC Machines, where he managed digital media, including partnerships with national brands like The Philadelphia Eagles. Danny strategized, pitched, and produced digital media, working with video, social, and traditional print media to extend the reach and influence of the PDC brand globally. Danny works as a staff writer for Atwood Magazine, where he review, interview, and comment on various aspects of the music industry, from artists and releases, to technology and culture. For Atwood, Danny hosts and produces Automated Beat Machine, a narrative audio podcast that explores the untold stories of the music industry, featuring panels of artists and experts. Danny has produced projects in documentary film, short film, and journalism for Temple University, where he earned his Master's Degree in Media Studies and Production. Danny launched his own indie game development company, where he writes, composes for, and designs original games that have generated hundreds of thousands of streams on YouTube and Twitch. Danny is proficient in the Adobe Creative Suite, Ableton, ProTools, and other production software and hardware. Danny is always eager to learn new skills, collaborate with others, and challenge himself creatively. Danny's mission is to tell compelling and meaningful stories that inspire, inform, and entertain.