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Brandon Tyson

Documentary Director, Freelance
Los Angeles, CA US
Available for Freelance
Open To Mentoring
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Brandon Tyson is a director and producer of short documentaries and award-winning branded content for global brands, publishers, agencies, and non-profits. He leads teams through development, on-set direction, and post-production.


Brandon Tyson is an award-winning writer and director from the San Fernando Valley, raised by a Filipina mother and a British father. After graduating from Rhode Island School of Design, Tyson directed comedy sketches before shifting to socially impactful filmmaking, including PSAs and short-form documentaries, engaging in topics ranging from sex workers battling banking discrimination, a psychiatrist bridging the mental health gap in Africa, and technologies that aim to conquer death. However, he still believes a good laugh is vital in his work. Brandon has worked for 9 years with digital publications (ATTN: / Freethink) and has a comprehensive expertise of best practices for platforms like YouTube, Meta, and X. In 2024, his short documentary "3 Ways To Clone Yourself Before You Die" won a Telly Award and was an Honorary Webby Award winner. Documentary filmmaking refined Tyson's ability to craft emotional narratives and characters and, most importantly, to develop deep empathy and respect for the individuals and stories he is given the privilege to tell.