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Bartram Nason

Cinematographer, Civic Matters
Chicago, IL US
Available for Freelance
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Open To Mentoring
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Independent cinematographer and producer, making visually compelling films about interesting people and ideas.


Bartram Nason is a documentary photographer and cinematographer, with a focus on subjects in the arts, religion, youth education, and social justice. In his work, he strives to capture natural moments of people wherever they are. His photographs can show the emotional highs and lows of both daily life and the exceptional circumstances in which many people live. As cinematography can be intrusive in such intimate settings, Bartram works to avoid harm in the places he films. He takes the trust that he is given to be a part of peoples' lives seriously, and hopes that his presence is a comfort, not a disruption. Bartram grew up in Atlanta, GA. He began his career as a freelance photojournalist for the local alt-weekly, and later studied journalism at Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism. A classically trained musician, Bartram has an undergraduate degree in cello performance from Indiana University. He is the founder of Civic Matters, a video production company that helps nonprofits, campaigns, and businesses tell documentary stories, moving people to political engagement, social discourse, and effective action.