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Alicia Sully

Filmmaker, What Took You So Long?
Baltimore, MD US
Available for Freelance
Is Hiring
Open To Mentoring
Open To Virtual Coffee
Global Guerrilla Filmmaker and Co-Founder of Video Production Company


Alicia is an Emmy-nominated cinematographer and award winning Director who has 17 years of experience working in remote areas, conflict and disaster zones. Alicia studied at SUNY Purchase Film Conservatory in New York and cinematography at FAMU in the Czech Republic. She co-founded What Took You So Long, an international film production house dedicated to creating socially impactful media after spending several formative years in Northern Ghana which resulted in a lifelong passion for participatory filmmaking. She has worked in more than 80 countries as Director of Photography, Producer, and Editor on hundreds of projects for a variety of clients and collaborators.