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Abeer Khan

Filmmaker, Photographer.
Mumbai, Maharashtra IN
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I am Abeer Khan, a Mumbai-based filmmaker and photographer, exploring themes of memory, childhood, injustice, language, grief, and spaces through a nonconformist, empathetic, and introspective lens in fiction, non-fiction, and video art.


Abeer Khan, a Mumbai-based filmmaker, and photographer delves into themes of social injustice, gender equality, memory, childhood, language, grief, and spaces through a nonconformist, empathetic, and introspective lens in her work spanning fiction, non-fiction, and video art. In the tumultuous world grappling with global challenges, Abeer expresses deep concern for humanity. Empowered by documentary filmmaking, she becomes a voice, an observer, and, above all, refuses to remain silent firmly believing that as an artist she can shine the light on the dark areas of pressing societal issues. Abeer's decade-long journey encompasses directing, photographing, and delving into investigative filmmaking. From documenting Mumbai's failing architecture in "Free Housing, Free T.B." to depicting the COVID-19 catastrophe among Sex Workers of Kamathipura in 2023, his work encapsulates the complexities of shared existence. His investigative film, "The Nowhere Children released in 2023," and the 45-minute feature "How Do I Show the Ocean Space You Carried Inside You?"—were selected for the esteemed Kochi Biennale 2023. Looking ahead, Abeer pledges to be a beacon of seriousness, sobriety, and meaning—a storyteller whose documentaries bridge cultural divides, capturing untold narratives and breathing life into intangible emotions. Her path is one of gravity, purpose, and unwavering commitment.