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Meagan Adele Lopez

Executive Producer, Lady Who Productions
Cascastel des Corbieres FR
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A Cuban-American female docu-fiction filmmaker, writer and producer living in France who still believes in magic, and infuses each of her films with the belief magic is real. We can change. We can do remarkably impossible things. We can love. We can build


Meagan Adele Lopez is a Cuban-American writer, filmmaker and performer from Baltimore, Maryland who has lived in Europe more than half her adult life. She has created a career telling stories intersecting technology, creativity and communications. Her work has appeared or been written about in the BBC, The New York Times, The Baltimore Sun, The Next Web, Elite Daily, among others. Her first women’s fiction novel published in 2011, Three Questions: because a quarter life crisis needs answers was an early experiment in self-publishing which had over 20,000 downloads. It was told through the hilarious adventures of two friends heading to Las Vegas, and a love story made up of questions. In 2019 she founded Lady Who Productions, Inc, an end-to-end creative media production company. Prior to launching her production company, she led the New York Times’ global digital advertising teams in Paris, and was a successful entrepreneur – having co-founded, and then sold one of the America’s first social media marketing agencies. She was recently awarded a fellowship as well as a significant grant from the Saul Zaentz Innovation Fund to develop her feature length documentary, “Through the Eyes of Others”. The film follows a group of theatre classmates from one of the world’s top arts schools twenty years post-graduation and asks the question: what happens to our dreams that go unrealized? Who do we become? What makes a life worth living? Her directorial debut for her short, dark comedy film about female rage, Raging Cult, landed her nine awards in film festivals, including Best First Time Director, Best Dark Comedy, Best Comedy and Best Female-Driven Film. She attended Baltimore School for the Arts as a theatre major, the University of Southern California as a National Hispanic Scholar and Dean's Scholar, and La Sorbonne in Paris for Theatre & French. In her TEDx talk, “Is the Hero’s Journey freeing us or keeping us captive?”, she explores what a different kind of hero could look like, and why this has fascinated her for so long.