Rough Cut Podcast is back, and VCMX's Nun & Duss grant is open!

Welcome home!

Whether you're transitioning out of our old Facebook group or just need a refresher to get active in our community forums, you're in the right place.


Join the party in both new digs. Of course, be sure you're a member first. Let's go:

  • VC's Platform (here):
    • Note that opportunities, resources, and forum activity are available only to VC members. Having trouble signing in? Email us.
      • After signing in, check that your notifications are turned ON: head to your dashboard and make sure those toggles are blue.
      • Head to our forum and say hey to everyone and intro yourself.
      • Search for jobs on our jobs board, or post one — and watch it spread to fellow VCers all over via our Thursday weekly forum recap email.
      • Direct message other VCers directly on our platform. Interested in a job someone posted? Want to meet for a coffee with a fellow filmmaker in your town? Send a message!
  • VC Slack
    • Access Slack in the dropdown above or here.
      • Can't access Slack? That's probably because you're not yet registered. Head to your dashboard, and scroll just a bit to sign up for Slack access.
      • Download the app on your phone and/or desktop to get real-time notifications.
      • Toggle how you want to receive notifications within your preferences
      • Post in various channels: introduce yourself, post a gig! Note that you can direct message fellow VCers.
      • If you are unsure how to use Slack, it’s very intuitive once you poke around a bit. See some little tutorials here.

More questions? We're here. Talk to us.

See you online 🖤

Connect with fellow members!

Top: VC community moments captured by members Jake and Michelle of Bellyfire Productions.