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Editor/Producer, Amazon
Seattle, Washington US
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Open To Mentoring
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Shaminder is a storyteller who specializes in not being a jerk.


He is an internationally published, 13-time Emmy-nominated, award-winning photo/video journalist, writer, editor, educator, curator and creative technologist with 20+ years of experience producing stories. He is an editor/producer with an editorial team within Amazon. Prior, he was Sr. Director of Marketing and Communications for the YMCA of Greater Seattle where he banned words like “content” and committed acts of journalism. Prior, we was the Managing Editor of NBC Left Field, Global Director of Photography and Video at Newsweek, Studio Head and Director of Original Programing with PBS Seattle, homepage/breaking news photo editor with The New York Times, and more. Within the industry, he is viewed as an authority on ethics, visual anthropology and cultural criticism, and has had his writing on the topics featured in Columbia Journalism Review, The Everyday Projects, and by Broadway’s “Slave Play;” and he has been quoted in stories by NPPA, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Bright Magazine, and more. He gives back to the industry as a mentor for young photo/video journalists, as a in Pictures of the Year International (2021) and Best of Photojournalism (2022), and he currently serves on the board of directors of the National Press Photographers Association. His personal projects have included co-founding Stateless Voices and Reclaim Photo, founding PhotoWalkCities, and his photo and video have been featured on HBO’s Last Week Tonight, NBC, Newsweek, Global Post, PBS, Daily Beast, Vibe and more.