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Poorva Dinesh

Documentary filmmaker and editor, Independent/self-employed
Bengaluru India
Available for Freelance


"After working in the translation and language industry for over a decade as a German Translator and subsequently heading the Bangalore branch of a language and localization company, Poorva left it to pursue writing. After writing for children and a commissioned Civics resource book for adolescents, Poorva founded Interviewing India to document everyday lives of Indians. After taking over a hundred interviews from people across the country, ranging from a homeless balloon vendor to an actor, Poorva ventured into documentary filmmaking with \"Haus of Maya.\" Documentary filmmaking was love at first sight. Poorva knew she had found her Ikigai and this was it. During the post production of her first documentary (a feature length film on Indian drag queens), she realised there weren\u2019t too many editors who understood documentaries or had the patience and the dedication to work on them. The lack of quality editors in documentary filmmaking pushed her to go back to college to study film editing. Poorva now works as an independent documentary filmmaker and editor.\nFilmography\nHaus of Maya (As director, producer, writer and co-editor) (2019) Mrs Nambiar: more than \u201cjust\u201d a teacher (As editor) (2020)\nA documentary on Jiddu Krishnamurthy (As editor","post production in progress) (2020)"