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Kyle Maddux-Lawrence

Cinematographer, MADLAWMEDIA
Atlanta, GA US
Available for Freelance
Open To Mentoring
Open To Virtual Coffee
Documentary Director and Cinematographer passionate about telling stories that matter and collaborating with others that share the same passion.


Hey, there! Kyle here. I am a passionate visual storyteller with a keen eye and an obsession with light, cameras, lenses, and how I use them to capture and share the stories I am telling. My favorite thing in the world is having a camera in my hands and an interesting character in front of my lens. Whether in narrative, documentary, commercial or anything I can shoot, I love it, I am possessed, I can’t get enough. When not hanging out with my wife Liz (the best) and baby girl Ada (the best), I spend all my time watching other professionals, learning, reading American Cinematographer, listening to the Team Deakins’ Podcast (OBSESSED!), and researching story and techniques to bring them to life in the most authentic and dynamic way possible. I can’t let a subject go until I dig into the details and emotion that is at the true heart of the story. My true passion is documentary directing and cinematography, and sharing the life experiences with all the people I get to meet. My main goal is to find and work with visionary collaborators, telling stories that move people to positive action.

Featured Work

Kyle Maddux-Lawrence Doc Reel

A selection of documentary work from some of the latest projects.

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