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Joris Skudra

Director / DP / Video Editor
Barcelona ES
Available for Freelance


Joris Skudra is Barcelona based Director / DOP, focusing in long and short form documentary films. Joris believes that good non-fiction is when the audience thinks it's fiction. Joris can run sound, light, fly (a drone), run&gun, conduct interviews and shows up with a decent gear package. He's a multitasker, and will offer you some hot tea if it's cold, or cold tea when it's hot (while directing). Joris' works were commissioned on Amazon Prime, CNN, Bloomberg, Bacardi, Great Big Story, Atlas Obscura, while is independent work was screened in multiple film festivals across the globe (including Flicker's RIFF). Joris currently develops a feature-length documentary about the cyborg community in Barcelona (Human 2.0) and a feature-length documentary about a Lithuanian photographer, who became one of the pioneers that brought freedom to Lithuania (Pozerskis: In Focus). Available for funky gigs! Based in Barcelona, available globally (the further the more exciting).