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John Beder

(He/ Him)
Director | Cinematographer, Bedrock Productions LLC
Chattanooga, Tennessee US
Available for Freelance
Open To Mentoring
Open To Virtual Coffee


John Beder (he/him) is an Asian American award-winning and Emmy® nominated documentary director and producer. A native of Boston MA, John currently resides in Chattanooga TN with his wife and producing partner Katie DeRoche. John became interested in filmmaking while studying for his Bachelor of Music in Performance at Boston University. In 2014 John debuted his first documentary, Composed, which explored how musicians address stage fright and the intense pressures of auditions. Following the success of Composed, John was approached by a team of producers to make a film exploring the benefits of palliative care. ‘Dying in Your Mother’s Arms’ was published by the New York Times as part of their Oscar-winning Op-Docs series, and became the most popular Op-Doc of 2020. John’s many projects have won awards, Emmy nominations, and public acclaim. He and his wife Katie DeRoche continue to research and produce films that explore the areas that they care most about like public health, climate change, and social justice.