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Eden Bernal Ponce

Director, D.P., Editor, Producer
Mexico City, Mexico City Mexico
Available for Freelance
Open To Virtual Coffee
Non-fiction filmmaker and visual artist. Director, producer and cinematographer.


His work explores the tensions between topics such as gender, territory and violence. In 2019 he became a member of the Mexican National Program for Art Creators with the webdoc "Cabinet of Invisible Violence" (WIP). In 2018 he obtained a Production Fund from the Mexican Film Institute to make his first feature film "The Siren Song" (WIP). This project has been selected by the Financing Workshop at the Costa Rica Film Fest 2019; the Hong Kong-Asian Film Market Pitching Forum (HAF) in 2020; the DOC NYC Storytelling Incubator, the DocEdge Festival WIP and the Walden Residency 2021; the DOC NYC’s Industry Roundtables and ChileDoc’s CONECTA 2022. In 2017 Eden completed "Exiles", a short film supported by the Mexican National Fund for Culture and Arts. This project was expanded into a photobook, which was selected for the Aperture First Photobook Award and was exhibited at Paris Photo, AF Gallery NY, Miami Photo Fest, Grassi Museum Germany, XIX World Congress of Sociology Toronto and compiled by the Guggenheim Museum and Harvard University. Eden participated in the DocsDF Challenge 2013 with the short film “The Navel”. In 2010 the Santiago Álvarez and DocsDF Festivals selected “Portrait in Absence”, his first short film, previously awarded by the Emerging Filmmakers Production Fund 2009.