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Anna Bressanin

editor, BBC
Brooklyn, NY US
Open To Mentoring
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I oversee digital documentaries at the BBC in the US. I also love to produce, write and I created a film festival.


Anna Bressanin is the US Editor of BBC Reel, the BBC's video and digital documentary destination. Based in New York, Anna currently leads a team of journalists who commission, curate and produce high-quality, distinctive short documentaries and digital videos for the BBC. Committed to innovation in storytelling, Anna created LongShots, the BBC's first online film festival, showcasing new filmmakers from around the world. In 2020 Anna launched What’s Up America, an award-winning series of visual essays exploring American-ness through text messages and smartphone conversations. Her pilot ‘American Confidence’ won a prestigious Telly Award in the category Best Writing and is the basis for the book What's Up America, published in Italy by People. As a filmmaker herself, Anna directed multiple award-winning documentaries, created the first BBC VR film in India and covered major US and global news. She has worked six years as a video journalist for BBC News in the US, covering major events such as the Black Lives Matter movement, President Obama’s first visit to Havana, the Standing Rock protest, and the 2016 Trump Presidential campaign. Born in Italy, Anna has worked and lived in Germany, France, Belgium, before moving to the US.