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Alicia Soller


Alicia is passionate about using her platform as a multidisciplinary storyteller to catalyze change and amplify stories at the margins. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Journalism and minor in Asian American Studies at the University of Florida. Alicia was a Reporting Fellow for Everyday Feminism, exploring mental health issues in Filipinx and Southeast Asian communities, and a News/Social Justice Writer for The Tempest, covering sociopolitical stories for millennial women of color. Alicia was also a Digital Media Producer for broadcast news station Spectrum News 13 in Orlando, Florida. Today, Alicia is an emerging documentary filmmaker who seeks to create projects that illuminate the stories of marginalized communities of color, especially of the Filipinx and Southeast Asian diaspora, exploring themes of identity, memory, intergenerational trauma, healing, and reclamation. Currently based in Chicago, Alicia is pursuing her MFA in Documentary Media at Northwestern University.