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Aaron Kalischer-Coggins

DP, Director, Video Journalist, Editor, The Hill, Tributary Productions
Washington, DC US
Available for Full Time
Available for Freelance
Open To Mentoring
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Documentary filmmaker pursuing stories at the intersection of humans and politics, the environment, tech, and culture.


Aaron is a documentary filmmaker based in Washington, DC, passionate about telling stories about humans and the intersection of politics, the environment, tech, and culture. He is currently a video producer at The Hill, and has worked as a director, producer, editor, and DP, making short docs for Discovery, AJ+, CNN, HuffPost, Google, and more. Recent short documentaries have screened at the DC Environmental, Wild and Scenic, Backcountry Film, and Berkshire International film festivals. Through his production company, Tributary Productions, he produces independent short documentaries and videos for nonprofits like Greenpeace, Wildlands Network, the UN, and 350org. In 2015, he graduated from Wesleyan University with Honors in Film Studies.