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Doc Lover Diaries: Dec '22

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The Video Consortium December 17th, 2022
Doc Lover Diaries: Dec '22

Watch. Like. Share! A journal entry for doc lovers (and makers).

Every Day is Different, Geoff Levy

"The many conversations had with the collaborators as well as the guys in front of the lens have stuck with me as some of the most meaningful I’ve had during the making of a project. They reenergized the way I approached this kind of work. I’m grateful to have been invited and have made this with everyone in the credits list."

— VC member Geoff Levy

Memory Lanes, Brian Gersten

"As a lifelong bowler, who comes from a family of bowlers, I've always had a positive bias towards this seemingly innocuous game. Initially, I wanted to make a straight-forward documentary about the history of the all-American sport that I love. Unfortunately, after a short time of digging through various archives I saw all the warts of American society ingrained within the footage: sexist bowling commercials, racist bowling alley owners (the Orangeburg Massacre), bowlers turned school shooters (Columbine), etc. These images and incidents are a stark contradiction to the lovable perception of bowling that I've always had, and I wanted to explore that difficult contrast in the film."

— VC member Brian Gersten

Perfecting the Art of Longing, Kitra Cahana

"My father — a poet, rabbi and quadriplegic survivor of a brainstem stroke — was supposed to come home the evening of March 13, 2020, for Shabbat dinner. Instead, with the advent of the pandemic, he was relegated to his bedroom at his long-term care facility. He remained there — with few exceptions — for the next two years.

"As Covid overwhelmed the facility, eventually requiring intervention from the Canadian army, I began interviewing my father remotely. During these conversations, I found myself returning to the same question: What is the meaning of longing? “In this time of isolation,” he told me once, “we’re all perfecting the art of longing.

Out of my own sense of longing, I began documenting his daily existence by using zoom recordings and video cameras installed in his room. As the virus devastated his facility, it was my way of staying connected to him amid fear and grief. In "Perfecting the Art of Longing," my father and I create a space of solace and reflection, where we explore the nature of time, family and separation. What results is a poet’s meditation on longing — longing for connection, longing for love and longing for life itself."

— VC member Kitra Cahana

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Green Nettle, Freddie Reed and Nick Lear

A short documentary about project that produces sustainable eco-material from large stinging nettles grown on the beautiful slopes of Mount Kenya, bringing livelihoods to local farmers and at the same time contributing to the fight against climate change.

I Like Your Hair, Trisha Pickelhaupt

"I Like Your Hair" is an honest expression of what it feels like to exist as a bald woman in public spaces. Inspired by creative director Natalie Marinides' real life experiences with alopecia, this project was created in the hopes that the next time someone runs into a stranger with a physical difference, they know what they should — or mostly shouldn't say.

This film was shared by NPR's picture show and was publicly screened for the first time at the Bronx Documentary Center as a part of the Video Consortium's first collab with the BDC!

Shut Up and Paint, Titus Kaphar + Alex Mallis

Painter Titus Kaphar looks to film as a medium in the face of an insatiable art market seeking to silence his activism.

Harry and Meghan, Neha Shastry, et al.

From their courtship to their exit from royal life, Harry and Meghan share their complex journey in their own words in this docuseries. 👑 Binge the whole series.

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