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Rust Belt & Appalachia Documentary Festival

Join us for a two-day festival (Sept 30 - Oct 1) of film screenings and workshops celebrating our region’s documentary filmmakers

Join us for the third-annual Rust Belt & Appalachia Documentary Film Festival, presented by The Video Consortium. It’s a screening series of recent non-fiction cinema produced in our region. It’s where filmmakers, journalists, and creatives can come together to celebrate and explore our region’s identity and culture while making new connections. This year, we will be screening an incredible selection of short and feature documentary films over the course of two days, in addition to workshops and panel discussions. Don’t miss out!

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WAYS OF SEEING: Workshop in environmental photojournalism

THE ART OF DOCUMENTARY: Workshop on documentary film techniques

Rust Belt & Appalachia Documentary Film Festival Day One

Rust Belt & Appalachia Documentary Film Festival Day Two