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Let’s PAUSE: Embodied Mindfulness for Non-fiction Storytellers

Let’s PAUSE is a series of workshops designed to address mental health challenges we face as documentary filmmakers and video journalists.

Let’s PAUSE offers a safe space, effective tools and an opportunity to pause and reflect collectively. Specialists from the field are invited to share and enable this process of oneness and rest.

‘Embodied Mindfulness for non-fiction storytellers’ is a workshop where participants are invited to embody presence using the senses available to us. We will work with the five senses of touch & feel, taste, smell, hearing and seeing to be mindfully present in the here and now.

What to expect?
- Awareness of the body and breath with mindfulness practices
- Sensorial experience bringing presence to self
- A sense of oneness of mind and body
- Creative expression using different art modalities
- A refreshing break from everyday hustle

Materials needed:
Participants are required to bring some easily accessible objects:
- something to taste - sweet or savoury
- something with fragrance - incense stick/perfume/soap
- a candle and match box
- 1-2 blank A4 size papers
- something to draw with - crayons/colour pencils/sketch pens
- a pen and a journal

Please wear light & comfortable clothes and be in a private space where you are not disturbed for the duration of the workshop.

This workshop is being offered by SMArT (Studio for Movement Arts & Therapies), Bangalore, India. SMArT offers quality education programs to meet increasing demands for skilled mental health professionals in India, trained in using art therapies for the greater empowerment of the individual.

Body is central to all of their explorations, and they use arts as a key ingredient to work with mental health. By facilitating a natural deceleration, they emphasize on breath and bodywork, guiding individuals and groups to a heightened sense of presence in the here and now. Please visit their website to learn more.

Your facilitator - Robin Raju (he/they), is a Queer Affirmative Expressive Arts Therapy Practitioner with a keen interest in movement-based practices. His work is based on Jungian psychology of integrating unconscious parts of the Self. Body, movement, and what it means to live an embodied life are his areas of research and exploration.