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VC Gold Only

The Digital Residency

For VC Gold Members: supporting documentary storytellers to nurture their creative projects and advance their careers.

A new residency program, beyond borders, from the Video Consortium.

The VC Digital Residency is a seasonal virtual fellowship program supporting documentary storytellers to nurture their creative projects and advance their careers.

Come with a nonfiction project or concept you’re developing and work alongside fellow storytellers to collaboratively move it forward. This residency is designed to help you:

  • Form deep partnerships and community with fellow nonfiction professionals

  • Access advantageous partnerships for current and future collaborations

  • Hold yourself accountable to your goals

  • Help others achieve their goals in the process

In this virtual yet intimately supportive environment, residents work together for one season (three months) on each of their nonfiction concepts or projects while building community with fellow residents — in addition to accessing unique resources and partnerships to fit their needs.

See requirements and apply below; please ensure you're signed in to your Gold account to access the application link.

⭐️ This program is for VC Gold members only; join Gold here.

Eligibility + Questions

Application Requirements

To be eligible to apply for the Digital Residency, one must:

  • Be registered as a VC Gold member
  • Have a project, at any stage, in development — this can be a short in production, a script for a documentary feature, a pitch deck, etc.
  • Be committed to actively work on one's project and willing to help fellow storytellers develop their projects as well.

Consideration is given to those whose projects and applications demonstrate commitment, responsibility, and collaborative effort.

VC Gold membership is required to participate in the Digital Residency.

Time Commitment

Once accepted, you'll be paired with a small group of fellow storytellers who have similar or complimentary projects in development; a recurring bi-weekly meeting will be scheduled to accommodate your respective schedules.

This Residency is intended to be a creative dance — both ensuring you allot time to work on your projects (amidst your very busy schedule) and creating a space of intention, feedback, and check-ins with the other Residents with whom you develop a rapport.

Other Resources

During the Residency, as new ideas, opportunities, and needs arise, we'll be there to help shepherd you in the right direction, and provide contacts and connections where possible. Need a pitch deck example? Have a question about a particular grant? We're here to help.

Your Projects

Projects in development during the Residency can be at any stage — from rough concept to post production, however to be eligible for participation, you must be committed to actively moving it forward.

Student Eligibility

Students are eligible! Your project counts just as much as a professional-level VC member; apply with your short, series, feature concept, and move it forward in a supportive environment.

🔌 Questions? Email programs@videoconsortium.org.