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VC Gold Only

Collaborative Mentorship

For VC Gold Members: strategically pairing documentary professionals for ongoing co-mentorship to exchange knowledge and skills.

VC’s new Collaborative Mentorship program strategically pairs documentary professionals for ongoing co-mentorship to exchange knowledge and skills — while fostering community, accountability, and access to industry resources along the way.

Looking to add a skill to your repertoire? Have a skill you can help a fellow VCer learn? Want to find a collaborator to hold you accountable to your work, and help them do the same?

This is a self-directed, “horizontal” mentorship exchange: VC acts as the facilitator — the fairy godparent, so to speak — to help get you to the right people, elevate your craft, and generate meaningful professional relationships for continued growth.

No matter where you are in the world, the goal of CM is to go beyond borders to create a more interconnected media ecosystem for all. Give knowledge, get knowledge, and pay it forward in the process.

Apply below; please ensure you're signed in to your Gold account to access the link:

⭐️ This program is for VC Gold members only; join Gold here.

How does it work?


Apply with the skills you want and the skills you have.

Get Paired.

Get paired with a fellow VCer.

Note: mentors are paired bi-weekly. Expect to hear back within approximately 1-2 weeks.

Get to work (in a fun way).

Together, decide on the first meeting, and then when and how often you two will meet.

Once every other week? Once per month? Remember, this is self-directed mentorship, so it's up to you to decide how best to foster this connection to meet both of your needs. You'll also receive a reference “co-mentorship guide” after being paired with your collaborator.

Use VC as a resource.

Check in with our Programs Manager for additional help and resources along the way.

Apply again.

Apply again! (Application link here)

You're welcome to apply as many times as you wish, up to once per month.

🧚‍♂️ Questions? Email mentorship@videoconsortium.org.



Can I be involved in multiple CM pairings at the same time?

Of course, the more the merrier. But please refrain from applying more than once a month. We're a small team and we want to make sure we pair you with the best collaborator we can, and this takes time.

I'm a VC Gold student. Can I do this?

You bet you can. We're happy to pair you with another student or with a working professional — you can teach them how to use TikTok. (Just kidding, kind of.)

This is really beneficial. My CM partner and I are really helping each other.

We're so very glad. Let us know what worked and what you're finding helpful!

What if my CM partner and I aren't vibing?

No worries. We'll find you both other pairs. At least you made a great professional connection, right? Who knows when it'll come in handy in the future.

I have a new idea / suggestion for CM. What do I do?

Email us. We're always open to feedback and new ideas for how to improve and keep growing — for YOU.