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Maria Achkar

Creative Programs Manager, Writer and Assistant Video Editor
Madrid, Madrid ES
A dreamer and a doer who believes in the power of truth and the impact storytelling has to transform and shape the world.


I am an American/Lebanese content creator, documentary producer, writer and assistant editor with a passion for songwriting. Storytelling is at the heart of every film project I am involved in. After graduating with a BA in fine arts (drawing and painting) and English literature, followed by a master's in photography all the while working on musical projects, I quickly realized that film truly gathered everything I liked under one roof. Since then, I have been producing film projects (documentaries, fiction, and educational projects), writing (voice-over writing, copywriting, songwriting), and editing. I have also started an academic career teaching classes in the fields of Communications and creating new syllabi. I am passionate about using different artistic tools and creating rich content to tell important stories that could have a meaningful impact on our world.