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Bree Nieves

Manager, Programs, Video Consortium
New York, NY US
Available for Freelance
Open To Mentoring
Open To Virtual Coffee
Bree Nieves manages Creative Programs and Partnerships at VC. Please and always say Howdy! 🦦


Briana “Bree” Nieves is a Producer, Educator, and Storyteller. She is the Creative Programs Manager at VC, working to shape and open doors for equity and accessibility in the documentary industry. She leads VC’s global programs, mentorship, and educational/workshop initiatives. Most recently she has worked as a Field Producer on the Longform Documentary team at CNN, as a Producer at VICE WORLD NEWS, and on the HULU Original Unscripted and Documentary team. She has also worked with Jigsaw Productions, Story Syndicate, Actual Films, Soledad Obrien Productions, The Academy Awards, Netflix, The Rachael Ray show, and on NBC/ABC morning shows. She is a 2022 Sundance Institute Uprise Grantee and a CAAM 2021 Fellow.