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Brandon Polack

Director Of Photography
New York, New York United States
Available for Freelance


Brandon Polack is a visual storyteller, creative writer, and artist. He highlights the powerful and relevant details of a story by reimagining them as symbolic images, forming new perspectives that remain faithful to the source material, but in a more animated, sensorial, and experiential way. ‍During the past decade, Brandon's passion for capturing moments and telling stories has allowed him to live and work around the world with other cultures to initiate all types of projects that emphasize what he finds most nourishing in this life. He has documented the effects of rhythm on the body in Ghana, how to build an off-grid community in Panama, and how a number of US-based regenerative farms faired during the events of 2020. Brandon is influenced by the unseen layers of the human experience - learning more about how we can change the world by first focusing on ourselves. He's inspired by a clean, healthy life full of movement, the beauty of arts like music and dance, and how we continually gain nourishment from gathering around a table of food and drink.